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Why I hope “they” never take roller derby seriously

Because once someone decides that derby is a real sport (ie: a good return on investment, ripe for the plucking) all those tenets of DIY and ‘by the skaters, for the skaters’ we hold so dear will fade away. When investors start pouring in millions of dollars and marketing, they’ll eliminate the risks associated with players making business decisions.

Contracts and provisions will replace votes and proposals. Individual flair will be replaced by what market research says appeals to the masses. Body types will be weeded out, along with the idea that there’s a place for every woman of every size on the track. Sexualization will be amped up to sell us to that coveted young male demographic. Skater-owned businesses will be quashed or bought out by large corporations.

In short, everything that gives derby soul, and that I care deeply about will be taken away from us. That’s why I hope promises of “legitimate” and “real”, as defined by businessmen, stay far away from me and the game and the subculture I care so much about.

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    I think that will only happen if leagues let it happen.
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